A medal for life

A medal for life

It is a fact. In any sphere of our life, winning is not as important as being completely satisfied for having done our best and not having surrendered to adversity. Many of us have managed to overcome obstacles, or have supported people facing difficulties. We deserve a medal for determination or solidarity, respectively.

After all, life is a game that one plays according to the rules. However, even if some of us believe in luck, we also need to take risks. If you do not take any risks, you are not fighting for what you really want. If you do not fight, it will be harder to achieve your goals. As there are less than two weeks left for the 2017 World Transplant Games, we think that it is time you fixed your sports, charity and fun motivations.

Regarding sports motivations, all participants in the Games should win a medal for effort, self-improvement and for being a model for the rest of transplanted people. Charity motivations are addressed both to people participating in the Games as living donors and those attending them to encourage and cheer athletes on. These people should win the medal for support, companionship and awareness. Finally, fun motivations are addressed to transplanted people, their families and all volunteers that will participate in the Games. They deserve the medal for squeezing life like a lemon and enjoying every single minute to the fullest.

To sum up, the Games will reward for sure those athletes with the best scores, but being a fighter in the battle for life also makes you worthy of a medal.

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