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Results and photos Wednesday 28th

KAYAK The kayak event was held from 10 am in the harbor basin of Malaga Port on a calm morning with a sea breeze. Fifty-five athletes participated (17 women and 38 men). The nations with most representatives were the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA and France. *Due to the large number of participants, the results [...]

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Results and photos Tuesday 27th

SQUASH The United Kingdom dominated this event, winning five gold, two silver and three bronze medals. In second place came Iran with one gold and two silver medals, and South Africa and New Zealand also won gold medals (with the former adding a bronze to their tally). More than 50 people participated in this event [...]

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As the host of the XXI World Transplant Games, the city of Malaga would like to pay tribute to Pablo Ráez. He captured our hearts from the very beginning, in August 2015, when we picked up the flag to host the 2017 Games. At that memorable time, we showed a video of a young man, [...]

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With a spectacular opening ceremony the XXXI Olympic Games have started. The world´s biggest sporting event, aimed at "the progressive improvement of the man thanks to sport in its ontological status" ( "Citius, Fortius, Altius"), based on the values of respect, friendship and excellence. Although the victory is recognition, the theme of the competition of [...]

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The XXXI Olympic Games are about to start! This time in the brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Ten thousand five hundred athletes, belonging to two hundred and six Olympic Committees, will compete for the gold in three hundred and six events for twenty-eight sports disciplines in thirty-three sports facilities. A great event that will [...]

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Life has given you a second chance. Take advantage of this opportunity! Do not fall into apathy or discouragement. Challenge yourself every day and get close to a goal which will fill you with optimism and satisfaction. Doing sports will contribute to your physical and mental health. It will also increase your self-esteem and improve [...]

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