Organ donation is an important issue that does not happen unnoticed. There are many institutions, associations and foundations at the international level that expect to get a greatest awareness in the population about the importance and significance of it. However, the main objective of these groups is to promote a voluntary and altruistic culture of donation of organs and a considerable degree of participation by the population with the cause.

These problems affect all types of people and we will never know with total certainty if it will touch us close up. In the world of sports, there are many who give an example through campaigns and/or donating their own bodies. Among the celebrities who have fought for this cause with their messages are: the ex-boxer Rafael Lozano; the footballer Lionel Messi, of FC Barcelona; the footballer Renato Dirnei, of the Santos FC; the ex-professional footballer Andrés Palop; the ex-professional player and manager of valleyball Bernardinho; the ex-global champion of surfing Gabriel Medina and the gymnast Arthur Zanetti.

On the other side of the story are transplanted athletes. By different occasions, it has been seen that athletes of elite went away for a while because they suffered some illness. The last one more spoken, it has been the case of the FC Barcelona´s footballer called Eric Abidal. He had to undergo a transplant of liver after he being diagnosed with a tumor in this organ. In his case, it was his own childhood friend who offered to donate part of his liver. Since then, the player has supported organizations of organ donation.

If you have to have something clear in life is that you have to enjoy every minute of it. To face the different obstacles is what makes us stronger and we know how to value and feel more every moment. We should value and feel more every moment!

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