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All Games participants should read the following information which contains insightful travel and medical information relating to pre, during and post travel to Malaga.

Transplant Recipient Competitors as well Living and Donor Family Competitors need to read the following Medical Guidelines carefully.

Listed under this tab you will find various medical forms which need to be completed by both yourself and your doctor.

  • These have to be completed no earlier than December 26 and are required to reach the LOC by April 16.
  • The signed documents are to be forwarded by you to your team manager. Your team manager will then forward the documents to the organisers of the games in Malaga, Spain for final approval.

Please submit forms to your Team Manager to allow them to reach the LOC by April 16.

Make sure you keep copies of all the documents.

When you complete the forms, please enter your registration number in the upper left corner of the documents. Your ID will be displayed on the Confirmation page and in the confirmation email sent to you.

To assist you with completing the forms, please read the below important document:


Transplant Athletes – Please note all 3 documents must be completed and forwarded to your Team Manager.

Donor Athletes – Please note the completion of DF1 is compulsory. DF2 is only required to be completed where deemed necessary.