South Winds

South Winds

The countdown has already begun. In less than a year Malaga will host the XXI World Transplant Games, with all the joy and hospitality which are signs of identity of our city.

With great enthusiasm, Malaga is waiting for these courageous athletes; excellent people who have overcome a challenge in their lifes. After being transplanted, they have decided to live a healthy and happy life, practicing sports.

Malaga is completely ready for this great event! The kilometres of seafront promenade, the parks and woods, the cycling routes and the lovely climate are just some of the advantages of the city of Malaga for those who enjoy practising sport. Also known as the Costa del Golf, Malaga is a place in which you can practice sport every day of the year. It has top class sports facilities which are the venues for national and international championships, exhibitions and different events to suit all types of sports fans.

Our city is also atractive beacause of the warmth of our people and its cultural offer: Malaga is also known as the city of museums. You cannot miss a visit to the Picasso museum or admire its roman theatre and its Alcazaba.

Of course, we can not forget its gastronomy; we can offer such a delicious local dishes: “pescaito” frito, gazpacho, ajo blanco, gazpachuelo, … typical foods you must try while you´re here!

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See you soon!

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