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3×3 basketball is an adaptation of traditional basketball. It is managed by FIBA and official international competitions have already taken place, for example at the Youth Olympic Games.

Although the game already existed, FIBA has regulated it and created international championships for competing. It is expected that sport may be included in the 2020 Olympic Games.

It is practised on a court that is 15 meters wide and 11 meters long, which is equivalent to dividing a normal basketball court in two. Each court has a ring and the teams rotate between attack and defence. Each team is made up of three players and they can make one substitution.

The game focuses on sport for all, because it is simple and easy to practice, since it requires only one hoop.

Furthermore it requires less physical prowess because the playing field is reduced by half, yet it greatly improves the physical condition of players since it provides comprehensive exercise that develops skills such as balance, concentration, self-control, character, confidence and speed of execution, muscular agility and reflexes.


  • Thursday, june 29