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Golf is a sport that is as competitive as any other, and consists of sinking the regulation ball in the holes predetermined for a given match.

It is a precision sport.

Golf is a sport that takes place outdoors, in nature, and requires as much effort as the player wishes, since it is the player who sets the pace, making it either stimulating or restful.

It’s a lot of fun and develops many value related to sport, behaviour and education. In addition to providing physical exercise and maintaining or improving health there are other good reasons for playing golf:

  • Escaping from the usual routine.
  • Being in touch with nature in a quiet environment.
  • Having fun in the company of friends.
  • Engaging in social commitments.
  • Enjoying time with the family.

People of all ages can practice golf, starting from the very young and continuing for as long as the body permits.


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