TENPIN BOWLING 2016-10-21T11:02:38+00:00

Tenpin bowling, or to the Americans simply bowling, is an indoor sport that consists in knocking over a set of wooden pieces (called skittles or pins) by throwing a heavy ball against them. Unlike other forms of bowling, here the ball rolls or slips and is not thrown into the air. Originally the bowling lane was made with wooden slats of maple with a width of 39 strips wide. Nowadays synthetic lanes are used which simulate the lines of slats to serve as reference to help players judge their throw. The ball is spherical and has three holes which allow it to be picked up using little strength.

It has been considered a sporting speciality since 1998. This sport has an important sociocultural aspect, and the main motor skills developed are accuracy, coordination and dexterity. In bowling motor skills are much more important than the application of force, and psychologically concentration is fundamental. The sport is intrinsically very motivating as the challenge of knocking all the pins down leads participants to practise more in order to achieve greater skill in achieving the goal: a strike.


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