Sports practice is good for physical health but also for mental health. The fact of doing physical exercise in group produces emotions as positive as the joy, illusion, hope, happiness, empathy and ability to work in team. These values, which bring health and emotional well-being, are applicable in our day to day life.

At the World Transplant Games of Athletes, sport is a way of socializing. Participants are transplanted and donors from different parts of the world. This circumstance allows them the possibility of exchanging stories and overcoming their fears.

However, we can point to “collaboration” like the main teaching of working in groups. Learning to work as a team requires trusting others and the trust of others in them. In the various sports, it will be reinforced the ties of solidarity, comradeship, friendship and respect because the diversity will be one of the basic pillars of these Games.

If multiple participants want to achieve their goals, they should consider the importance of discipline and rules. On the other hand, in team sports, it is also required that its members adopt different responsibilities and roles such as leadership.

In addition, it can be said that doing sports with other people improves self-esteem and encourages self-improvement by being valued for the effort and work employed. Nevertheless, the Games will encourage humility in the face of victories and, in the same way, tolerance of frustration over defeats.

After all, successful teams are not just the ones with the best talent but the most diverse ones. No matter the origin, age, gender, if the participant is transplanted or donor, it is necessary to remember that the important thing is to enjoy and sharing experiences in the best surroundings.

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