BECOME A VOLUNTEER 2017-04-19T10:43:57+00:00

The volunteer application process for the MALAGA WTG 2017 is now closed.

For any question regarding registered volunteers please send an email to the following address:


Thank you for your application.


When will volunteers be informed about the meetings and other matters related to the Games? 2017-03-01T09:47:05+00:00

A call will be sent by email for the first training activity for volunteers. The information can be followed on the website and on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

What languages do you need to speak to be a volunteer? 2017-03-01T09:46:45+00:00

The official language of the Games is English, and therefore it is essential that volunteers speak this language, as well as Spanish. There are a few exceptions to this, in which case you will be informed directly.

What days do our volunteers need to be available to collaborate in the World Games? 2017-03-01T09:46:25+00:00

In addition to the training days, our volunteers must be available, as a maximum, two days before and one day after the celebration of the Games, in other words, from June 23 to July 3.

How old do you need to be to be a volunteer for the World Transplant Games? 2017-03-01T09:46:05+00:00

There is no age limit as long as your health permits you to volunteer and you are available to do the training and to collaborate during the days the Games take place.

What functions will volunteers have and in what areas will they be collaborating? 2017-03-01T09:45:16+00:00

This will depend on the needs and abilities of each person and the interests indicated on the initial registration form will be taken into account. Each volunteer will be informed nearer the date.

Is any training necessary to be a volunteer? 2017-03-01T09:44:55+00:00

All our volunteers will receive training prior to the celebration of the World Transplant Games. There are two modalities:

  • Face-to-face, in the case of residents of the city of Malaga. This will be delivered in the weeks before the Games, during the month of June.
  • Online, for those who are based outside of Malaga.
Who will pay the costs of travel, transport and accommodation? 2017-03-01T09:44:18+00:00

The organizers are not responsible for volunteers’ expenses for travel, transport or accommodation, but we are working to arrange offers for those who need them.

If needed, transport and a picnic lunch will be provided during the week of the Games.

How will I know if I have been accepted as a volunteer for the World Transplant Games? 2017-03-01T09:43:51+00:00

You have been accepted at the time of completing registration if you meet all requirements. There are a few exceptions to this, in which case you will be informed directly. It is possible to register as a volunteer until the estimated number of volunteers needed has been reached.